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Why Lilac for Home Service App Development?

When it comes to Home Service App development, Lilac stands out as the ideal choice. Here's Why:

Expertise in Home Service Industry

We have successfully developed specialized solutions for a variety of industries, including cleaning services, plumbing, electrical repairs, gardening, and more, using our expertise in home service app development. We can provide specialized solutions that successfully handle the specific needs and difficulties of the home service sector with our in-depth understanding of that sector.

Customized Solutions

We believe in the power of customization. We closely collaborate with our clients to understand their specific needs, ensuring that our Home Service Apps perfectly align with their vision and brand identity. Our skilled team of developers and designers customizes every aspect, from design to functionality, to meet client requirements.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

To guarantee the efficient operation of your Home Service App, we offer ongoing support and maintenance services. As your company grows, our team is always accessible to address problems, add updates, and implement new features.

Great Features Turned in to a Best Field Service Software

Our field management software is simple to adapt to your particular needs. We design a highly customized app using cutting-edge technology that completely matches your concept. We can fit your unique offers and business procedures, whether they be cleaning services, plumbing, electrical repairs, or gardening. To make sure every detail fits your brand identity and improves the user experience, our team works closely with you. The possibilities are unlimited, ranging from real-time tracking to fully customizable booking forms and interaction with third-party technologies.

Our developers examine all requirements and build an handyman app for the customers.

Homier, Handyman software has a plethora of exciting features. Before selecting a service, the user may view full-price chart. Customers can access real-time analytics and view all their order histories for further analysis.

Simple Booking
Simple Booking

Users may select their chosen service from a large selection and book it within a few clicks.

User Friendly
User Friendly Interface

Homier is the most user-friendly app for scheduling home service appointments. To find what customer is looking for, the user can use the simplest navigation offered.

Future Scheduling
Future Scheduling

You can schedule future reservations by selecting a suitable day and period. This option saves you a lot of time by confirming your booking ahead of time.

Hassle-free Payment Options
Hassle-free Payment Options

Homier accepts several payment options, making the payment procedure easy for the user so that the user faces no issues while completing the payment.

We developed the Partner Application to make it as convenient as possible.

The Handyman Software has several features, such as the ability to view his whole order history, be evaluated by clients, and have payments cleared right away in a simple manner.

Quick Registration
Quick Registration

Service providers can register for a professional profile with all required information in a simple and easy-to-use approach.

Real-Time Notification
Real-Time Notification

Service providers get notified when a user requests a new inquiry for the desired location; alerts are sent without delay to keep the partner informed.

Hassle free requests handling
Hassle free requests handling

Service Partners can review service requests and decide whether to accept or reject them.

Availability Planning
Availability Planning

Service Providers can set and manage their available timings and services from the apps and users will be notified.

Admin dashboard for monitoring the user and partner applications.

Keep count of all bookings, reports & analytics with the Admin Panel, which has an easy-to-understand mode and a straightforward design.

Admin Dashboard
Admin Dashboard

Admin dashboard that is easy to use and has features and qualities for better site administration.

App for Home Services
Service Management

Dynamic Services based on zip code, category, and sub-category, including price and commission.

Payment registrations
Payment registrations

Partner payments are maintained following orders, with an automated computation to settle payments and commissions, as well as date-based ledgers.

Reports & Analytics
Reports & Analytics

Get valuable data insights and metrics to make educated service business decisions.

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White-label product
Make it your own branding
100% Data Protected
Money back safety guarantee
24x7 Customer Support
We provide phone and email support

Intuitive Dashboard for managing Service providers & Users

Discover the Homier Admin Panel, a crucial component of our all-inclusive home service app. Effortlessly link partners, manage service categories, and keep track of expert opinions. Ensure a hassle-free experience by managing secure financial transactions. Utilise the robust Homier Admin Panel to take control of and grow your home service business.

Homier admin dashboard

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Plans & Prices

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Product as a Service (PaaS)

Home Service App
Installation setup
/One-time cost

In this plan, we will set up your application in our own standard AWS server. There is no source code ownership for customers. After the one-time installation cost, the customer can choose one plan from the following options.

Home Service App
Subscription Plans
$20/Month is the subscription cost, it includes 200 Tasks/Month and Unlimited Agents. And every additional tasks will charge at $0.20/Task
$60/Month is the subscription cost, it includes 700 Tasks/Month and Unlimited Agents. And every additional tasks will charge at $0.18/Task
$115/Month is the subscription cost, it includes 2000 Tasks/Month and Unlimited Agents. And every additional tasks will charge at $0.15/Task
$250/Month is the subscription cost, it includes 5000 Tasks/Month and Unlimited Agents. And every additional tasks will charge at $0.10/Task

White Labeling & source code

Home Service App
Total Product Handover
/Lifetime cost

In this plan, we will set up the application on the client's preferred server. Our recommendation is go either AWS or Digitalocean. There is source code ownership for customers. After the lifetime installation cost, our technical support for one year, then customer can go with Hourly based AMC charges if any updation required

Home Service App
Features includes
100% Product and data onwership
White-labeled application including source code copyright
100% data safety and ownership due to own server
Development, quality and deployment documentation
100% provision to develop new functionalities with exisiting code base
2-weeks online training on application usage and data management
One year Annual maintanance at free of cost.
10% Exclusive discount on initial payment Milestone
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Frequently Asked Questions

With Purpose you get components and examples, including tons of variables that will help you customize this theme with ease.

Yes, our on-demand home services apps can be customized into any language, which makes it easier to localize your apps and reach more markets.

Our expert app development team has created a suite of on-demand home service apps for service professionals and aggregators. We can send you the demo link if you send us a quick inquiry.

Cost can be approximated after we learn about your requirements, the platforms on which you want your application to be developed, the features and functionalities you want. To know reach out to us: +91 85903 54291.

Yes, we can integrate a digital wallet for customer apps that can be managed easily from the Admin dashboard.

Yes, if you don't want to be a service aggregator, you can launch an app that focuses on a single service. You can contact us for more information.

Yes, we offer app maintenance and support after the app is released. We have experts in the lifecycle maintenance of iPhone, Android, and Web Apps.

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